Mobile Slots – A Booming Market

Every slot player knows that almost every mobile slots found online will have a decent selection of card and table games, but a whopping amount of slots, sometimes even 3x more than their other games combined. Every game developer from Microgaming to Netent, produces more slot games on an annual basis than every other casino game – a fact that’s clearly visible by browsing through their game rosters and updates. This high percentage of mobile slots is nothing strange, especially when you consider the long history of casino practices that go way back before online casinos were even conceived.


Mobile Slots Gaming

Back before the internet opened the doors for mobile casino gaming, brick-and-mortar casinos chose to place slots at their entrance – the same place where they can be found today – simply because they attracted any curious visitor with the sound and sight of winning money behind a slot machine. Through the years, the only change was that the less profitable slots were moved to the front, leaving easier slot machines deeper into the casino where other games could be found, making slots the essential symbol of winning in every casino to this day.

Mobile Slot Games

And with the advances of modern technology, the same tradition was only transferred to the mobile gaming market as well, providing new opportunities for game developers, casinos, and slot fans. However, the explosion of the mobile slot market is not only due to traditional practices, but also other important factors that helped its meteoric rise.

The popularity of slots is, of course, mostly owed to the simplicity of playing and the major winning opportunities awaiting anyone that sits behind a slot machine, but also the fact that most quality game developers build their slots with a fair house edge which can go to as low as 4%, over time.  On top of these appealing features, almost every casino will offer Free Spins Bonuses as a token of appreciation for joining their gaming platform, which in turn causes players to turn more to slots than to any other games.


Largest percentage of casino revenue

casino revenue

This trend can be confirmed by a number of studies, the majority of which show that slots make up for the largest percentage of casino revenue. In UK, for example, the Health and Social Care Information Centre reported that slots games have the second largest share of the gambling market, closely followed by Poker and Bingo games. Take that and add the fact that 51% of gambling occurs through mobile channels, and you’ll get another major factor why mobile slots make up for more than 50% of the games at popular casinos.

Other factors that contribute to the mobile slot expansion are the developing processes and the cross-device performance. Slots are more easily produced by game developers than other casino games like Blackjack and Roulette and they are best adapted to mobile screens because there is no need for complicated development processes that’ll ensure the player has a smooth and satisfying experience while swiping away on a mobile phone, nor will the games look disproportionate or unattractive across any device. This developmental and receptive advantage of mobile slots is the final piece of the puzzle of the ever-increasing popularity of the mobile slot market.